Whenever you are asked to help, one of the first questions should be "WHY?" - listen to the heart behind the cause.

Make a kid

Support our Toy & Food Drive


Support our Toy & Food Drive

These children need...





This Christmas they either will have no toys or best case one. We can put smiles and joy into these kids hearts, knowing that they are not forgotten.

When you are looking at a Christmas Tree with an empty stomach. That’s almost a crime in our book. ` Let’s help be a part of the solution

Some of these children have 1 or 2 outfits they wear all the time. We also want to provide clothing so that they can enjoy Christmas all year round.

All donations can be sent to:

Legend Networking   2923 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75226

Thank you to ALL of our sponsors!

Without you, none of this is possible!

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The Santa Cops Program is a 30 plus year community effort by the Houston Police Department to provide a memorable Christmas for children in Houston. The program has evolved from police officers providing Christmas trees, food and gifts to families, to providing toys and supplies for over families and  children each year. The Santa Cops Program currently identifies needy families through the social workers and counselors at targeted elementary schools. 


Our affiliates, and the entire team at Legend, want to make it as easy as possible. We have some links to Amazon for toy ideas and clothing, while below is a list for ideas for food donations.

Or you can drop off your gifts at

Legend Networking

2923 Canton St,

Dallas, TX 75226


We are fully aware how busy this time of year is, but we are drawing a line in the sand and committed to showing those who really need help this season to find some hope and joy. Don’t pass this up, you will see the blessing that will pay off way more than the time you took and money you spent to make this a reality.

Contact Us

Txt "Smiles for Christmas" to 31996

to get information on HOW TO DONATE & HOW YOU CAN WIN! 

If you need help finding a local charity, DON'T WORRY! We can help! Send in a submission form and one of Santa's elves will get right back to you! 

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